Along the Way to Astorga

Life is good when the cafe con leche is hot and beautifully presented.

The mornings have been fall-like and chilly, making us feel much more comfortable and energized. Most mornings we leave at six thirty while it is still dark and the stars are bright. With Orion’s belt over our left shoulders, we find the right path easily and walk a couple of hours until we can stop for some breakfast and coffee. By the time we’ve walked six or more hours, we have finished the stage of our trip for the day and check in at an albergue. The fee? Usually between five and ten Euros. We feel like authentic peregrinas.

Here are some of the highlights of the past few days.

Virgen del Camino, statues of the important figures from the Bible
Stork nests on the bell tower
The bridge at Hospital de Orbigo – originally built in Roman times, rebuilt over the centuries
At the foot of the Hospital de Orbigo bridge
I gave this busker a Euro. He asked Judi, “Do you have any American dollars for me for a souvenir?”
Statue of a peregrino drinking from a gourd
Mural on the side of building in Astorga
Iglesia de Santa Marta in Astorga