What Made Us Smile Along the Way

Sharing some hearty laughter with Judi has been one of the joys of the Camino. We’ve been chuckling about our “good news, bad news” list for days and smiling at the many dog pictures that Judi, the dog lover, has taken.  We want to share some of the fun with you.

Good news – The coffee in Spain is delicious! Bad news – It’s served in a two-ounce cup that could have been taken from a kid’s tea set.

Good news – Our clothes are freshly washed and dried. Bad news – It’s so chilly in the albergue that we need to wear every piece of clothing available to bed just to keep warm.

FYI: This picture was NOT taken in an albergue.

Good news – The lights in the bathrooms go on automatically when you walk in. Bad news – They go off automatically about twenty seconds later….but good news – flailing your arms about re-activates the lights…but bad news– that doesn’t work in the shower. You find yourself madly waving your arms while you’re standing in pitch blackness and without a stitch on.

And, finally, this one happened to Judi. Good news – after walking for an hour or two,  she finally stopped at a cafe for a delicious breakfast of fried eggs and toast. Bad news – One of the flies buzzing around landed smack in her eggs. She waved her hands to shoo him away. He desperately tried to fly, but his feet were stuck in the yolk.

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