Leaving the Meseta and Leon

With less than 190 miles left of the Camino, Judi and I are feeling great and making “better-than-expected” progress. Okay, we admit it: we took a taxi into and out of Leon to avoid a total of eight miles of industrial zones and construction. We’re in the lap of luxury, we feel, sitting in a two-bed room with its own bathroom in a hostel in the little town of La Virgen del Camino.

Brierley says,”If the idea of taking transport [into and out of Leon] seems like heresy it might be useful to ask ourselves – why not?…The ego and its obsessive behavioral patterns can be just as limiting as a¬†laissez-faire¬†attitude and indifference.”

So, without a guilty conscience, we present scenes from the last miles of the meseta and from Leon.

Puente Villarente
This rainbow was visible for nearly half an hour as we walked toward Leon.
Cathedral on the Plaza Regla, Leon
Cathedral, 13th century, Leon
Over an entrance to the cathedral
The serene faces of a modern statue, Plaza Regla
San Froilan Festival, street fair, Leon

As we were leaving Leon