The Camino Family Expands

Instant bonding – a quick introduction, your name, where you’re from, “Oh, I’ve been to Vermont (or Maine or Boston); is that near you?”

“Did you start at St. Jean Pied de Port? The climb over the Pyrenees was really tough, wasn’t it?”

And on it goes, to children, spouses, occupations, the condition of your feet and knees, how long you’ll be on the Camino, and why you’re here.

A mother and son from Washington state

You depart, one person stopping for a sip of water, the other moving ahead. But then you meet again, at an albergue, or a restaurant, or just at a shady spot along the way.

A father and daughter from Sydney, Australia

The Camino family grows. And we take care of each other. One needs some of your water, you share your chocolate bar, someone helps you fix your blister. And on we go, toward Santiago.




10 thoughts on “The Camino Family Expands”

  1. It sounds like your pilgrimage is as much about the people you meet as the trails you walk. Thank you for this blog. It brings your journey into my home and makes me feel closer to both of you. Enjoy your time.

  2. Hi Barb (and Judi). It is with great joy and anticipation that we follow your journey. Your photos and stories are alluring. So impressed with your commitment and sense of adventure. You seem to be having a great time and why not. Keep it up and keep the posts coming.

  3. Hi Barb & Judi,
    I love this blog–it captures the spirit of your travels and your beautiful smiles as you travel on this amazing journey! It truly seems the “Camino provides” for you both in so many ways! Take care of those feet! Love, Ginny

  4. Hi Judi (& Barb)! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures. The pics are amazing. Can’t wait to hear more details when you return. Enjoy every moment.

  5. I’m loving the people you meet along the way and their pilgrimage stories. I’m following you on your journey and in-spirit with all of your adventures. Love and miss you Barb! Hugs to Judy.

  6. Hi Barb and Judy
    It was such a pleasure to spend the morning walking with you, sharing stories and comparing photos. Unfortunately our Camino has ended for now and we are on our way home but I am looking forward to following your journey via your blog. Thank you for your company and everything you shared with us.
    Andrew and Lauren (the father and daughter team from Sydney, Australia)

    1. Andrew and Lauren, Have a safe journey home. We were happy to share a few kilometers with you, and we know you will one day return to finish your Camino. Be well.

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