Paris to SJPP: Running for the Train, Making New Friends

Being early meant that we caught our 11:19 a.m. train out of Paris with no trouble. Our connection in  Bordeau-St. Jean was another story. Our Paris train pulled into the station five minutes late, and we only had five more minutes to find platform two. Picture two American women racing through a slow-moving crowd to a blocked stairway to and desperately finding another route as the doors to the train were sliding closed. The conductor’s warm smile and chuckle assured us that they wouldn’t have left without us.

In Bayonne, there was no missing our colorful single-coach train because the women sitting inside at the windows exuberantly waved us in.



3 thoughts on “Paris to SJPP: Running for the Train, Making New Friends”

  1. Seems like the adventure and lots of good memories has already started and the pilgrimage is yet to start. A great beginning to a great time.

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