Packing 101

“How much does all this weigh?” I ask myself as I put on my backpack with most of the items in it. Stepping on the bathroom scale and doing some quick math, I can see it registers 14 pounds. The goal was 13. “Well, I could wear some of the clothes – that would help.” I reconsider carrying items such as my yoga mat, the headlamp for reading, and the new set of watercolor pencils and sharpener.

Barb received the multi-plug extension which would have let us share an outlet to charge two phones and two Ipads. Handy….a need, not a want, she thought. How much did that weigh? Two whole pounds!? Almost 20% of the total weight she should carry, for just one extension cord! Not possible. It’s on its way back to Amazon.

We’re already having to make hard decisions. What is worth carrying? What can be left behind? How basic can we get and still have what we need? These are the questions whose answers will play out along the Way.

– Judi

7 thoughts on “Packing 101”

  1. So excited for you both. I hope you get to see Rebekah and Ruben in Bilboa or Trapagran. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks for a great lunch the other day. I will be following your every move on this pilgrimage. Enjoy your adventures and celebrate every day.

  3. First off, let me just say, “WOW!” I’m so impressed with you both and your endeavor. I’ve enjoyed reading your prep entries and can’t wait to read your adventures along the way. My thoughts and prayers will be with you both on your trip of a lifetime.
    Safe travels, Lisa

  4. It’s been really interesting to learn about all your preparations and decisions in planning for El Camino. And now you are off tomorrow to start the traveling portion of your amazing journey! Buen Camino Judi and Barb!! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

  5. Hi Barb and Judi,
    so pleased to have met you in the airport as you head off to the Camino. I loved your entries so far and look forward to more. “Buen Camino!”
    Martha McManamy
    author, The BIG Trip: A Family Gap Year

    1. Martha, What luck to drop my Brierley guide at the feet of an author of a travel book! Was this Camino magic at work in faraway Boston? I downloaded your book and am thoroughly enjoying it. Buen Camino…our adventure is just beginning. Barb

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