No News is Good News!

Due to technical difficulties, we haven’t been able to add new posts with pictures, but rest assured that we are safe, exhausted, pain- and blister-free, and resting for the night in Pamplona.

The hike over the Pyrenees was incredible in every way: strenuous, long, but most of all breathtakingly beautiful. When we can make our computers work well again, we will share Judi’s pictures….just wait, they will knock your socks off.

After Roncevalles, we walked to Zubiri and on to Pamplona for a grand total of about forty-two miles so far. We hit the trail tomorrow morning on the way to Puenta la Reina fourteen miles away and are hoping for more reliable wifi service when we arrive.  Until then, please know that we are thinking about all of our friends, both old and brand-new. We already have been welcomed into our own Camino family that includes folks from South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Ireland, France, Holland,  Germany, Canada, and the U.S.

Thank you for all of your comments. We have treasured every one.

Buen Camino

8 thoughts on “No News is Good News!”

  1. So glad to hear that everything is going well. I have been concerned when I did not read anything from you at first. The pictures have been fantastic and I look forward to the next batch that you will share. Take care and know that I am on your shoulder.

  2. You both earned “ata girl” awards. I happy 😊 that you completed the Pyrenees. That must have been quite an effort. Stay safe.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity y0u are having! I envy you both and am enjoying reading about your adventures. Dawn and I feel this will be a life-changing experience and are excited for you to have it. BK

  4. Hi Barb and Judi!
    I am having so much fun reading about your adventures so far! And your last post brings back happy times on Pamplona for me! I bet you are getting a chance to practice your Spanish! Savor every step and thank you for the wonderful updates! Hugs, Ginny

  5. Very very glad to receive this message! I had gone so far as to research air fare to Spain for a rescue mission. Hopefully the image of a rumpled old lady limping along the trail, madly waving her cane and calling out “Judi!” “Barb” will bring you enough amusement to last for the day……

    Love to you both,

    1. E, Enjoy your comments! This IS the adventure of a lifetime. I read your little quote every morning, “Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement”….Judi

  6. Way to go, you two! by the time you read this I expect you’ll be 1/10 or more through your miles.
    I’m headed for S. Africa tomorrow and with my phone and wifi will be able to follow your pilgrimage.
    Adventure onward!

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