Leaving the Meseta and Leon

With less than 190 miles left of the Camino, Judi and I are feeling great and making “better-than-expected” progress. Okay, we admit it: we took a taxi into and out of Leon to avoid a total of eight miles of industrial zones and construction. We’re in the lap of luxury, we feel, sitting in a two-bed room with its own bathroom in a hostel in the little town of La Virgen del Camino.

Brierley says,”If the idea of taking transport [into and out of Leon] seems like heresy it might be useful to ask ourselves – why not?…The ego and its obsessive behavioral patterns can be just as limiting as a laissez-faire attitude and indifference.”

So, without a guilty conscience, we present scenes from the last miles of the meseta and from Leon.

Puente Villarente
This rainbow was visible for nearly half an hour as we walked toward Leon.
Cathedral on the Plaza Regla, Leon
Cathedral, 13th century, Leon
Over an entrance to the cathedral
The serene faces of a modern statue, Plaza Regla
San Froilan Festival, street fair, Leon

As we were leaving Leon

15 thoughts on “Leaving the Meseta and Leon”

  1. What a wonderful trip you’ve had already!!! The pictures are just like what travel brochures show us except these have personal meaning to them with the stories you’ve added. I’m glad you included the picture above with the two of you because it gives me a perfect picture of you hiking through.

    Yesterday, Andy and I were canvassing and met a couple from Candia. Peg Marko mentioned that she intends on going on The Camino in 2020 and asked for the website to your blog. We thought it would be OK so we gave it to her. I’m sure she’ll enjoy it and be inspired.

  2. Congratulations on your progress. I’m impressed. Still love the photos and notes of your walk across Spain. As you know Leon is where I started my walk to Santiago, so I will dig out my journal and follow along, comparing notes. I hope the last leg goes well and it sure looks like you’ll be in Santiago before you know it.

    Buen Camino, Jack

  3. You two look warm and are cutely color coordinated! I can see in the background trees and clothing that autumn has reached you, too. Brierley’s comment is insightful–you are wisely confident in your choice.

  4. Way to go Judi and Barb! It’s amazing to read the tally of miles you’ve walked on the Camino! It’s especially great to hear of your connection with all the wonderful people you are meeting along the way.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and the all the details you capture in your blog posts as you make your way through vilages, fields and cities.

  5. Hi Mom and Judi! Looks like you are happy and healthy. So glad to see the picture of the two of you. Thanks for keeping us posted on the blog and especially for the pictures. Sending you lots of love!

    1. Meags, I was so glad to see you on facetime today. Thank you and Vasu for taking the time to go to Augusta for the funeral. I can’t wait to see you, Vasu, Anjali, and Jai. Love you, Mum

    1. Eileen, Your comment about remembering us in your prayer circle really touched my heart. Thank you. We are making such good progress that we moved our departure date up almost three weeks to October 25th. Hope you are well. Love, Barb

  6. Hi Barb and Mom,
    I love checking your blog every few days and staying up on your adventure. Love the picture of you both bundled up, is it getting chilly in the mornings? How do your bodies feel, like super in shape and having lost a few pounds or kind of the same? Just curious with all this exercise and the change of food.
    Ok many hugs to you both!!!!!

    1. Jesse,
      I feel stronger. Each time I hoist that 20 pound pack on my back, it gets easier. I think I may have lost some weigh, gotten stronger in the torso, but still have plenty of marshmallow coating on my thighs. Mom.
      Hi there, Jesse, I have the body of an Adonis. What can I say? I am ripped. I’ll bet you can’t wait to see MY thighs. Unlike your mother’s, mine are like bands of steel. Love, Barb

  7. Can’t wait to see the photo where we can compare said thighs ourselves. As the saying goes, ¨We´ll be the judge(s) of that!”

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