It is Fall in Galicia

The Camino started for us in the heat of summer with 90 degree days after we crossed the Pyrenees. Now that we are nearing the end of our journey, we are enjoying fall sights and much cooler weather in Galicia. Judi’s photos capture just how beautiful our fourteen-mile walk from Filloval to Sarria was today.

Miles walked: over 400

Miles to Santiago: 71.5

8 thoughts on “It is Fall in Galicia”

  1. Wow! 400 miles and only a blister! You girls really rock. Your blog is wonderful. Santiago is is your sights. Nice job. I’m impressed.

  2. Ladies!!!! 400 miles walked thus far, how amazing!! Every day I think of you both and am just in awe of your speed and perseverance. I want to be just like you when I grow up! Wink wink. Loved the autumn pictures especially the pumpkins and fall leaves. It’s getting cooler here too in California and I’m loving it. Safe travels tomorrow.
    Many hugs and kisses!!!!

  3. Wonderful pictures! You have really provided us with a great feel for the countryside. Good luck on the last leg of your journey. Enjoy, enjoy your remaining time.

  4. Hi Barb and Judi ~. 400 miles, fallen leaves and the beauty of your pilgrimage! It’s all so inspiring and wonderful. You two are just amazing and I can’t wait to hug and hold you! It’s been so incredible to follow this journey and live my life vicariously through you. With love and admiration.

  5. Wow!! That’s impressive, 400 miles!! Love the pictures! I’m sure you dear ladies must miss your families and home, but you wouldn’t know it with your upbeat blog. Hugs!

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