If Only You Were Here!

Your intrepid peregrinas have traveled far since last we updated you. We have gone 161.5 miles in all and are more than a third of the way to Santiago. We’ve experienced friendship, laughter, exhaustion, cold showers, bedbug scares, pilgrim dinners, friendly Spaniards eager to help us find our way, and more wishes of “Buen Camino” than we can count.

Longrono, Najera, Santo Domingo, Belorado, and San Juan de Ortega are behind us, and we sitting in an outdoor cafe in Burgos, using the wifi that comes free with our meal. Not even a block away is the magnificent Gothic Santa Maria Cathedral that is the pride of Burgos. Judi’s pictures will follow in a subsequent post.

Our albergue for the night is municipally run and cost us five Euros each: clean showers, bunkbeds (28 in just our room), one immaculate bathroom on each of the six floors, warm showers, and lots of limping people, most of whom had walked 16.2 miles today like we did.

Judi and I appreciate and love your comments. They’re the first thing we look for when we can capture a few minutes of wifi at our albergues. We both miss home, but are literally having the trip of our lives!

13 thoughts on “If Only You Were Here!”

  1. So glad to hear that you are having the trip of your lives. It sounds like you are really moving along at a rapid rate. I will be anxious to see the pictures of the Cathedral. Take care

  2. Wonderful to hear you are in Burgos, and are well. FaceTime shows how well you both look. Enjoy your side trip to Bilbao.

  3. I’m in awe of how far you have walked. Hearing about your experiences and seeing the pictures are inspiring. However, having spent the day at the Deerfield Fair, I find walking from the den to the kitchen overwhelming.

  4. Amazing how far you’ve walked, how much you’ve experienced, and the stories of those that you’ve met along the way! I’m just a bit envious….. but enjoying each entry you share. Be well and enjoy!

  5. Wow! You are really racking up the miles and memories! Glad you are having such a wonderful time! You and Judi are a perfect combination of words and pictures. Stay strong!

  6. Hi Mom and Barb,
    I think of both of you multiple times a day! Where are you now and what are you up to? I am so jealous and wish I was there too. Hey, if you ever want to do it again…count me in! It sounds incredible!! Hugs and kisses,

  7. Your journey is amazing and you’ve done some impressive mileage.
    Continued love and prayers. Like Mum says, “Make us proud!”

  8. I used to get tons of flea bites when I lived in Colombia. We sprinkled pesticide powder on our mattresses all the time to try to battle them. I’m sure I had hundreds of the itchy bites all over my back when I finally returned home.

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