If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Part Two

Streets of Pamplona, quiet at last
Bowed heads of the penitents
“Cafe solo” for two
With the makers of a Camino documentary: website at caminodoco.com
Alto de Perdon
“Where the way of the wind crosses the way of the stars.”
Toward Santiago
Sunrise in Puenta la Reina
Puenta la Reina
Pilgrim shadow on the ancient Roman road
In the footsteps of a Roman soldier

10 thoughts on “If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – Part Two”

  1. Like everyone else I’m really loving following your journey. You both always look very happy. It seems you’ve covered a lot of miles. I, for what ever reason, always had trouble with those kilometers to miles conversions. Are you ahead of schedule, right on schedule, or did you not even worry about a schedule? I also wanted to ask if you’ve had some good Spanish coffee, but I think a recent posted photo answered that. Is it hard being a vegetarian? I’m so happy for you guys and just a little bit envious.


  2. Hi Judy,

    I enjoy your pictures and travel posts. Each time I drive by “Moore School” I think of you and realize you could be in there but instead are on the “open road.” Stay safe and happy!

    Your neighbor,

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