10 thoughts on “Crossing the Pyrenees – Part Two – Spain”

  1. Are there big night skies full of stars? Do you see cities in the distance? This is sooo enticing! I love the photo of the horses too!

  2. Hi Judi and Barb!
    So good to see your smiling faces! I’m just catching up now as I didn’t completely understand how the blog worked…… technological genius, I am not……
    Your joy and sense of adventure come through in both your words and your amazing photos. Hoping that each day brings you fair skies, peaceful travels, and rewarding adventures of both mind and spirit.
    Be well and enjoy!

  3. The pictures are really wonderful to see. Glad to hear that you are now in Spain. Are there many other pilgrims on the roads? It looks very quiet in the pictures you have shared.

  4. The photos are amazing! What a beautiful journey you two are on. Love the updates and the ‘spirit’ of the pilgrimage. Love and hugs.

  5. I love the pictures of the horses and the spider web. Both captured at just the right moment. Barbara, your blogging brings us there with you. Thank you to both of you. Hugs!

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