Crossing the Pyrenees – Part One

Rue de la Citadelle, St. Jean Pied de Port – First step of the journey


Not a hike for the faint-hearted, our climb over the Pyrenees was still a feast of sights and sounds. Judi’s pictures show the green of the countryside and the views along our 15.6 mile journey, but we would have loved to capture the sounds of bells on the ponies and sheep, dogs baying in the far distance, and the friendly conversations of hikers as they exchanged encouragement in many languages.


Morning ascent




After a lunch break at the albergue at Orisson




13 thoughts on “Crossing the Pyrenees – Part One”

  1. It’s wonderful to capture the other senses with words too, I love imagining the bells and baying – what kind of scents have you enjoyed? Do the breezes bring any smells? Any surprises? Is the air as damp as it looks? What wonderful vistas and road has such a nice scale, the classic country lane that unwinds along…. wow what and adventure!!! Love, Nate

  2. Hi Barb and Judi!
    I am finally sitting down to read your wonderful blog! What an amazing adventure you two are having. I can only imagine all of the great conversations you must be having with so many different people along the way…they are lucky to be crossing your path! You both look beautiful and healthy. I will keep you both in my prayers and positive thoughts! Much love- Meg

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