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After the quiet of several days of hiking in the open spaces of agricultural land, approaching a big city can be daunting. First, it’s hard not to feel out of place with our heavy packs and dusty shoes among the business men and women or the sprucely dressed weekend tourists. ¬†Our determined looks as we go about¬†finding the municipal albergue so we can, at last, put down those heavy packs set us apart.

But, after check-in and freshening up with a shower and clean(ish) clothes, we’re outside once more to see the sights.

Here are some of the delights from Burgos and our quick bus trip to visit our friends Ruben and Rebekah in the northern Spain.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Burgos, 13th century
Cathedral of Santa Maria in Burgos
Portal into the city of Burgos
Statues of some of the apostles, Cathedral of Santa Maria, Burgos
Stained glass window, the metro station in Bilbao
Part of a mural on the ceiling of a walkway in Bilbao
Riverfront in Bilbao

Of course, our favorite pictures from Bilbao were of Ruben and Rebekah and their beautiful girls, Haizeah and Alba. Rebekah grew up in Candia and married the handsome Ruben who is from Bilbao and completing his Ph.D.






10 thoughts on “About the Cities”

  1. Love all the posts from you two. It’s really great to follow you on your journey. The photos and comments are wonderful. In the Pilgrim’s Day post I liked hearing what you are thinking about as you walk. It’s great that your thoughts are not on blisters.

  2. Burgos looks like a stunning place. It is always amazing to see the type of buildings that were constructed in the fifteenth century. It gives you an idea of how creative those people were. It is also such a joy to see. Thanks for your narrative and your pictures. I am really enjoying your blog and look forward to seeing each post.

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