A Day in St. Jean Pied de Port

“Take it easy. You’ll have no problem,” Jacques reassured us when we talked with him this morning at the Pilgrims’ office. This climb over the Pyrenees makes the first day on the Camino the toughest. Jacques has counseled many pilgrims over the years and certainly made us feel confident.

We spent the day exploring the town, making new friends, and having adventures.

Crossing a bridge through the oldest section of St. Jean Pied de Port
Andrea and Darren (AKA Theron the Archer) from London demonstrate how to aim arrows through the window openings of the Citadelle.
Judi bravely guards the entrance to the ancient ramparts.

11 thoughts on “A Day in St. Jean Pied de Port”

  1. Wow! What a great start! All kinds of delays and horays packed into the first few days! I love the words and images you’ve shared so far… keep it coming!
    Much love,

  2. This looks wonderful so far! Please tell a little about the food and coffee and sleeping arrangements. We are dying of curiosity.

  3. Hi ya Judie and Barb,
    Hope you got on OK yesterday. It was a bit of a scorcher, so we were thinking of you on your first day. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures.

  4. Hi judy and barb,
    We bid you farewell at the vierge of orisson. We hope you got to roncevalles without too much difficulty. We came back using the bourricot taxi on saturday morning and walked with corrine from oregon all the way to roncevalles. It took us 5 hours!!! That descent into roncevalles through the forest was tough and slow!! We were thinking of you both hiking from st jean to roncevalles all in one day!!!. Hope you managed to get accommodation. Claire and Ruth from Dublin, Ireland

  5. You two have obviously hit your stride! I love how the trail seems to go from countryside to town and so on. What an experience. The food sounds wonderful. As does the comradeie of the pilgrims! And I see Judi is taking lots of great pictures. We can’t wait to hear more and will check back for your next post! Laurie

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